A new era begins, we transform.

Singuladerm is the result of a long history dedicated to innovation and science.
A trajectory initiated by José M. García Antón, a passionate doctor who created the world's first successful neuromodulator peptide.

With an outstanding career of more than 35 years in scientific research, Dr. García Antón has been a pioneer in the world of cosmetics.

Founder of Lipotrue, leader in the synthesis of biomimetic peptides, Agrenvec, promoter of natural growth factors, Deep Blue Sea, creator of biotechnological extracts and In Silico Discovery, the Artificial Intelligence applied to peptide synthesis.

In 2002, he revolutionised the skin care market by creating the first botox-like anti-wrinkle peptide (Argireline or SNAP-8), ushering in a new era in rejuvenation and dermatological care.

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Molecular cosmetics is intended to beautify our skin with rationality and scientific knowledge.

From this revolution emerged Primaderm, a Spanish laboratory specialized in molecular cosmetics and dedicated to creating formulas with the most innovative active ingredients, marketed under the Singuladerm brand.

Now we want to make this trajectory visible to the world. It is time to show who we are and the real value of our project.

This is why Singuladerm is evolving into Primaderm.
Same products, same formulas, with a new identity.

Our values



  • Formulas combining innovative active ingredients: peptides, natural growth factors and biotechnological extracts.
  • Specialisation in the synthesis of the active ingredients in our formulations.


  • Conducting in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo studies.
  • Evaluation of transepithelial penetration by Franz cell and HPLC assays.


  • Transparency in the concentration of active ingredients in each of our products.
  • Building strong relationships with our customers for mutual success.

The science behind our formulas



We use molecules that intervene in the skin's natural physiological mechanisms to counteract ageing.


We incorporate a high concentration of active ingredients in the formulas to ensure short-term results.


We activate the skin's natural mechanisms, restoring it from within.


We delay ageing by neutralising free radicals and preventing oxidative stress.

We formulate with the most innovative active ingredients on the market



We design biomimetic peptides to signal cells to perform a certain function.

Growth factors

We obtain high quality proteins from N.Benthamiana plant biofactories. These proteins are identical to human proteins and act as messengers by sending signals to the cells to produce substances such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Biotechnological extracts

We incorporate active ingredients that come from microorganisms that have developed unique properties to survive in extreme environments, functioning as water retainers, free radical neutralisers and stimulators of their own biochemical mechanisms.

Computational biotechnology

We use innovative artificial intelligence algorithms to identify and design in silico potential molecules for a given function and target, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Committed to our environment

The process of developing each of our formulas is long and complex. It is completed with exhaustive efficacy, in vitro and in vivo studies and stability, toxicity and quality tests until we find our secret formula that is: effective, safe and non-toxic.

All our products comply with:

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