Molecules that reactivate
your skin cells

Molecular cosmetics develop active ingredients with a clear and specific function on the skin.

These active ingredients are formulated to act at the root of the problem, with intelligent molecules that are easily assimilated by the body and mimic the molecular structure of our own cells, reactivating key functions in the skin regeneration process.

Concentration of actives
Our formulations contain the highest concentrations of active ingredients.
Guaranteed efficacy from the first application.
Concentration of actives
Anti-free radical active
We incorporate active ingredients that neutralize the action of free radicals to prevent premature aging.
Anti-free radical active
Penetration into the deepest layers
We use delivery systems that allow the active ingredient to penetrate the interior of the skin stimulating the function of the cells.
Penetration into the deepest layers

All this makes them completely reliable actives in any cosmetic routine. Primaderm is the pioneer and leading brand in peptides and growth factors with the highest concentrations of active ingredients in its formulas, which, together with its innovative delivery systems, makes Primaderm the reference cosmetic brand of this type of actives.

Primaderm cosmetics are based on molecular cosmetics to create formulas with state-of-the-art active ingredients that penetrate beyond the surface of the skin and restore it from the inside. Through intelligent molecules that are easily assimilated by the organism since they mimic the molecular structure of our own cells.

The origin of Primaderm, a passionate doctor

The founder of Primaderm is a Doctor in Chemistry with a long career in the field of research within the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. García Antón, with more than 30 years of experience in the dermocosmetic sector founded Primaderm, S.L in 2008.

In 2015, we obtained the Medal of Honor for the Promotion of Invention awarded annually by the García Cabrerizo Foundation, linked to the CSIC (Superior Council of Scientific Investigations).


In March 2009, Singuladerm was born, the first pharmaceutical dermocosmetics brand of Primaderm. Its formulations include the highest concentration of active ingredients of world reference and the first anti-wrinkle peptide of expression of botox-like effect: Argireline® or SNAP.® Today, the Singuladerm brand has transition to Primaderm, being Primaderm the company's brand.

Our values


Committed to our environment

The process of developing each of our formulas is long and complex. It is completed with exhaustive efficacy studies, in vitro and in vivo and stability, toxicity and quality tests until we find our secret formula that is: effective, safe and without toxicity.


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