The peptides

The beauty and health of the skin go hand in hand with the use of peptides and natural growth factors in your cosmetics.

Both peptides and natural growth factors are cosmetic active ingredients that are classified as optimizers of any facial cosmetic routine.

Peptides are small chains of amino acids involved in the regulation of different metabolic processes. At the cosmetic level, peptides can:

  • – Modulate muscle contraction by relaxing expression wrinkles
  • – Modulate the synthesis of melanin and dark pigments
  • – Induce the synthesis of structural components of the dermis such as collagen and elastin.


The assets we use are of natural origin, they are extracted from natural habitats such as the jungle, the underwater caves of Mallorca or Reunion Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

In the laboratory, we make sure that these active ingredients are in the maximum degree of concentration allowed and manage to penetrate the layer of the skin where the greatest effectiveness will be achieved.

In addition, in April 2021 we will create in Spain the first laboratory capable of measuring with Franz cells the real effectiveness of the active ingredients of our products and those of the competition.

Growth Factors: Natural growth factors are whole proteins that we find naturally in our skin. They are molecular messengers that activate certain functions of the cells with which they interact.

At the cosmetic level, those that induce the increase of collagen synthesis, providing strength and elasticity to our skin, are interesting.
Both are characterized by being better tolerated actives because it takes very little amount for them to exert their action, even for skin with a sensitive tendency.

Singuladerm is the leading pioneer brand in peptides and natural growth factors. The high concentration of its formulas and the innovative delivery systems make it the reference cosmetic brand.


Our skin

Our skin is the perfect membrane. It is designed as a protective barrier against everything we expose ourselves to on a daily basis. Airborne bacteria, dirt or pollution are some of the factors our skin faces every day.

The skin is designed to be waterproof, so the goal of SINGULADERM is to formulate products that penetrate the skin barrier. In our laboratories we work with assets extracted from the natural environment that ensure this penetration.


The layers of the skin are made up of lipids, a set of organic molecules, built mainly through hydrogen and carbon. Our actives are encapsulated via lipids so that they penetrate this “perfect membrane”.

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